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Educate Yourself About Fire System

Now a days fire system is being used in every home, industry, building. It is used for the protection of the building against fire. There are proper measures to prevent fire. A fire system certification consists of different components which work in parallel. The components consist of alarms, sensors, a fire detection module which processes the smoke input at sensors and raises the alarm or notify the personal, smoke detectors which detects the smoke. Every time, there is continuous monitoring, every second is being monitored by the module and if a smoke is sensed at sensor, the second it is sensed it will raise the alarm. Now, the fire system has got smart, where ever there is incident, it will notify the monitoring team even if the team is not in the control room. The room where all the modules and setup is placed is called control room. In the control room, there are different accessories, some are spare and for emergency use and some are for backup. This room may have a separate power backup just in case if the main power fails then the system will run on emergency backup.  

So, the moment the smoke is sensed, the module raises the alarm and the water is released into the pipes, these pipes are connected to the whole building and are in each and every single room of the building. With these pipes there are sprinklers attached. These sprinklers will open up with the pressure of water and starts to sprinkle the water at high pressure. At some main points of the building, there will be water hose with the tube attached to it. These are placed to throw the water with extreme high pressure but it has to be operated manually. Then, there are axes into the glass frame. You have to break the glass to get the axe. It can be used to open up the sealed doors or locked doors. In the hallways, there are emergency lights, which will light up automatically and some exit lights. These lights also run on backup and they work 24 hours. Then there are sirens to aware the people that there is danger and speakers to make public announcements and to give fire evacuation messages. The speakers are also used to tell which way leads to the ground floor and which way goes out. It also tells do not use elevators or escalators. Because, elevator could stop at any moment and there is no way to get the people out of it until and unless a professional team arrives and save them. With the fire system you have real time analysis of the whole facility or site. 

Fire System can be installed in any building, a school, hospital, corporate offices, colleges and universities. Because, you never know when something is going to happen and you should also be ready for the consequences. We have been installing the fire systems at various places for a long time and we consist of well qualified and experienced team.   fire-stuff


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