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Guide To Different Races As An Athlete

Guide To Different Races As An Athlete

It is important to understand the basics of athletic sports and its importance. One should know of the competitions held on the track and that on the field.

The track competitions are known as meets that can long for an entire day while such is not the case in field competitions. Both these games on the field as well as the track are layered. These competitions are more about team work.

  • Sprints
    The events for sprinters in athletics Wollongong include dashes which range from 200 meters to 60 meters in the multiples of 100 and 10’s. 100 m run is an outdoor game as the track has to be straight while the 60 m run is an indoor game. The sprinters perform cross train along with jogging and biking. They even do weight lifting.
    • Hurdles
      Such NDIS events have hurdles of either 400 meters or 100 meters. In both, there are 10 hurdles that the athlete needs to jump. Hurdlers perform small sprints and jumps. They are trained through by the process of lifting weights and through training crossly also. The hurdle is of 30 inches in a 400 m run while it is 33 inches in a 100 m run. It is similar to Steeplechase that involves sprinting to jump over one.
      • Throwing
        Throwers are a part of power athletes who work with drills that also include the helping of weights. These are specific drills which can be varied according to the type and place of the event. These events include hammer throw, the throw of discus and shot put. All these require different technique.
        • Jumping
          These require to be able to sprint regularly and even they may involve training through cross, drills which involve jumping and sprints too.  The jumpers need to do around 30 iterations of the event may it be long jump, high jump or triple jump.
          • Distance runners
            The distance runners can race in 600 m to 10 km throughout the track. The tracks of indoor events are of 200 m while that of outdoor events are of 400 m. The athletes can run up to 30 times throughout the track.
            The longest event in the track and field is heptathlon, which comprises of 48 hours to finish seven events in it including 100 m hurdles, long jump, javelin throw, and a run. These athletes are trained by list and train cross sprint and other drills. The runners also have to collaborate in 4×100 m, 4×400 m, and 4×800 m relays. Athletics are important for the overall growth of the person as a sportsperson.

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