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Pros & Cons Of Sleeper Retaining Walls:

Before going into the sleeper retaining walls, we must know what is a retaining wall? A retaining wall is a structure designed in such a way so that it can hold or retain the soil behind it. This type of wall eliminates the uneven and unusable surfaces and provides constructors with more maintainable and practical areas. These kinds of walls are commonly constructed in mountain areas where mountain’s slope are cut to make roads and retaining walls are used in the boundaries of roads to prevent mountain’s slope and rocks from damaging the road. These retaining walls are made from different kind of materials which include blocks of concrete, poured concrete cements, treated timer, rocks and etc. All of these walls have the capability to retain the soil however these vary in other properties. Some of these walls are easy to build and maintain whereas some of these have shorter span than the others.

So in case of sleeper retaining walls there are two types of it i.e. concrete sleepers Melbourne and timber sleepers. The timber sleepers are those sleepers that are commonly used as traditional sleepers. They are best for both decorative and operational purposes. The timber sleepers have a natural wood type finish. It depends on you whether you want to keep its natural appearance or you want to change it according to your taste. You can either paint or polish it. One thing that you must consider while constructing a timber sleeper is that it must be treated very carefully so that it does not rot and its life span can be increased. You can buy both new and recycled timber to serve the purpose.

The next type is concrete sleeper retaining walls. These walls are made from concrete due to which they are much more strong in structure and reliable in texture. These walls are used in such situations where both strength and beauty is required. Just like timber sleepers you can decorate the concrete walls as well and can make them look appealing. It is not necessary that you stick to the natural gray texture of concrete but there is a wide range of colors which can be applied on these walls to enhance its texture.

It is not easy to just build up the retaining wall without proper analysis. A retaining wall builder or specialist will tell you the exact angles and depth the wall require in order to provide proper support, retain its form, and to prevent the soil from falling down. Especially when you are introducing these walls in your garden you must ensure that they have proper support system and its supporting rods must be deeply penetrated into the ground.  And to make sure that the drainage system of the garden does not affect the solidity of these walls, it is recommended that the system must be installed before the construction of walls.

Last but not the least point is no matter which type of sleeper are you using, it always provides a stylish yet reliable solutions to many construction problems.

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